Upwardly Mobile: Kenya's Technology Start-up Scene is About to Take Off

A Nairobi-based technology start-up, Planet Rackus, recently released a video game featuring the deadly matatu (minibuses) dodging pedestrians in virtual trafic.  Within a month of its release, ta quarter of a million people across 169 countries downloaded the video game to their mobile phones. 

Planet Rackus is one among hundreds of other technology start-up firms opening up offices in Nairobi, Kenya, over the last five years. The Kenyan "Silicone Savannah" is, however, unique from other global tech centers in that its tech firms are designing software for mobile phones rather than computers. 

Read more about Kenya's tech boom around mobile phones in The Economist

Among these start-ups, iHub, featured also in the Economist article, provides a meeting place for local techies to exchange ideas and expertise. IMTFI Director, Bill Maurer, recently wrote an editorial piece on payment platforms for iHub.  

Wednesday, September 5, 2012