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Date Name Media Outlet
5/25/2016 Bank Fraud Threatens CBN Cashless Policy in Business Journal Business Journal
5/25/2016 e-fraud crippling Nigeria National Mirror
5/23/2016 Microfinance Could Wind Up Being the New Subprime The Conversation
4/27/2016 Comics Designed to Teach Low-income Indian Women Financial Literacy India West
4/25/2016 The Harriet Tubman $20 and other faces on money show how we want to remember history Los Angeles Times
3/24/2016 Mobile money platforms key for greater social ties – study Business Daily
7/29/2015 This Colombian town is trying to get rid of cash — but it’s not so easy Fusion
7/24/2015 6 multicultural money lessons worth learning  Credit Card Guide
6/23/2015 Ledgers and Law in the Blockchain King's Review, Cambdridge
6/18/2015 Expect radical banking shifts for farm business in next decade Ag Web (Online Farming News)
6/16/2015 A PHL strategy on financial inclusion: More on means vs reversing mind-sets?  Business Mirror
6/1/2015 Doing digital  finance right: the case for stronger mitigation of customer risks CGAP Focus Note,  No. 103 June 2015
6/1/2015 Virtual Currency by the bit Ag Web (Online Farming News)
6/1/2015 Mobile Money: Financial services via telephone conquer developing countries of the South El Pais
5/23/2015 One out of four accounts ‘dormant’ as mobile money takes over banking The East African
5/21/2015 Emerging  Payments and Communities: Reimagining Trust and Mutual Finance Filene Research Institute
5/20/2015 Collecting the present: Partnering with researchers to document new developments in money Smithsonian
5/19/2015  Somaliland has embraced mobile money – but at what price? The Guardian
4/28/2015 Extinct by 2020: The Swipe Visa
3/28/2015 Making academic research for financial inclusion actionable Open IDEO  (Online community innovation)
3/23/2015 Mobile money   aesthetics: Text, display, and the cultural logics of concealment Charisma Consumer Market Studies
3/18/2015 Payments Tech Is Changing, So the U.K. Changes Regulators Payments Source
3/10/2015 Cashing Out - How Venmo is encouraging a new kind of conspicuous consumption. Slate
3/5/2015 10 barriers to using mobile technology to fight inequality The Guardian
2/26/2015 Mobile Money, The Social Network Effect, and Philanthropy - Recent Research from Kenya and   Product Innovation From M-Changa NetHope Solutions Center
2/26/2015 Can mobile technology be a catalyst for inclusive growth? The Guardian
1/21/2015 Afford Two, Eat  One: A new report explores financial inclusion in rural Myanmar Nuzzel
1/14/2015 Afford Two, Eat  One: A new report explores financial inclusion in rural Myanmar CGAP Micofinance Gateway
1/6/2015 A Steady Hand Delta Sky Magazine
1/5/2015 Mobile Money,  Financial Literacy and Learning Through Digital Media DML Central -   blog of Digital Media and Learning Research Hub of UCHRI
12/8/2014 How to crack the mobile payments market CNBC
11/4/2014 14 ways to promote more responsible financial inclusion The Guardian
10/29/2014 Q and A, Bill Maurer, payments and currency expert, UC Irvine JWTIntelligence  
10/15/2014 Webinar Wednesday: Sibel Kusimba, Mobile Economies American Anthropological Association
10/10/2014 Does Digial Currency Represent the Future Orange County Register Metro (Regional News)
9/26/2014 10 Twitter accounts to follow for financial inclusion news and views  The Guardian
8/18/2014 Using mobile money to buy water and solar power in east Africa The Guardian
6/17/2014 How to Increase Formal Savings for the Papad-Makers of Dharavi Slum Financial Access Initiative
5/30/2014 Economic Direct Democracy  Review - John C. Boik, Ph.D. Principled  Societies Project
5/22/2014 The Future of Money-Like Things The Atlantic 
5/20/2014 Afford Two, Eat One: A new report explores financial inclusion in rural Myanmar Next Billion
5/14/2014 Afford Two, Eat One: Understanding Motivations for Spending and Saving Impatient Optimists
5/1/2014 Understanding the Movement of Cash of Privately led Enterprises in Dharavi and Scope for   Electronic or Mobile Payments IFMR Blog
5/1/2014 Debts of the Oppressed in the Empire of Liquidity Descatos,  Journal of Social Anthropology (Mexico)
4/27/2014 Bill Maurer on Bitcoin's Impact in Africa Specialist Blog
4/25/2014 How bitcoin is moving money in Africa  USA Today
3/10/2014 UI Researcher identify Top ATM Fraudsters National Mirror Newspaper (Nigeria)
3/10/2014 Lovers, Spouses,  Bank Officials top list of ATM fraudsters- Research Nigerian Tribune Newspaper
3/4/2014 As Myanmar opens up, will mobile money emerge? Gigaom (Online Tech Portal)
3/3/2014 Charting Times of Change: Money Practice and Behavior in Myanmar CGAP
2/21/2014 What if all of Africa were as digital as Kenya? Financial Access Initiative

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