IMTFI At A Glance


What is IMTFI?

  • IMTFI is a premier research organization focusing on the impact of new digital and mobile payment systems on the lives of the poor in the developing  world.
  • IMTFI ensures the voices and perspectives of researchers on the ground are integrated into the global conversation on financial inclusion.
  • Established in 2008 with a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, supported 147 individual research projects in 47 countries, collaborated with 187 different researchers.







money origami rhinoceros

Money Archive

  • View IMTFI's own Money Archive, representing our ongoing efforts to digitize and upload images of an extensive collection of artifacts donated by our researchers, graduate students, and money-enthusiasts over the years.
  • Has a collection of interesting money items that it loans to places like the British Museum, the Smithsonian and special exhibits such as USC's "Trillion$" exhibition commemorating the Federal Reserve's Centennial.
  • Search IMTFI money objects in the British Museum's online collection database HERE.
  • UC Irvine's Langson Library exhibit, "Gold to Gigabytes: The Past, Present, and Future of Money" documented by REAL ORANGE on PBS SoCal. The show features an interview with Maurer and footage from the collections. Visit here to view the segment on PBS SoCal.





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