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Date Presenter Title of presentation Venue  
6/8/16 Sibel Kusimba Using Social Network Analysis to Analyze Social and Economic Empowerment Through M-Pesa Use USAID and NetHope's Women's Empowerment and Digital Financial Services – Exploring the Connections  
5/9/16 Divine Fuh Shuffering and Shmiling: Reflections on Researching African Women's Struggles in Uncertain Tim Keynote address, CODESRIA-AARC Gender Symposium, Cairo, Egypt  
2/29/16 Andrew Crawford Exploring Rosca Dynamics with a Cambodian Factory Worker Board Game German Institute for Economic Research, Berlin  
5/1/16 Mrinalini Tankha Currency Counterpoints: Money and Power in Post-Soviet Cuba Panel on Political and Economic Changes in Cuba, Conference on Cuba Transitions: What's Left Out? Brown University  
11/11/15 Ndunge Kiiti Mobile Money Technology in Kenya: Lessons in In(Exclusion) for Development Cornell International Institute for Food, Agriculture and Development (CIIFAD) Seminar Series  
10/21/15 Ndunge Kiiti The Digital Wallet: How Mobile Money is Transforming the Business Landscape in Kenya Johnson Africa Business Society (JABS), Cornell University  
11/30/15 Ursula Dalinghaus Cashing out of the euro? Situating affective monetary attachments in the Euro-Zone UCSD Science Studies Colloquium Series, UC San Diego  
7/18/15 Anke Schwittay Innovative Models for Generating Actionable Academic Research Human Innovation Conference, University of Oxford  
7/3/15 Nithya Joseph Gold-Based Financial Histories in the Silk-Reeling Industry in South India Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics (SASE)  
7/3/15 Joshua Greene The Circulation and Transformation of Value in Transborder   Currencies Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics (SASE)  
7/3/15 Magdalena Villarreal The Circulation and Transformation of Value in Transborder   Currencies Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics (SASE)  
5/7/15 Bill Maurer Money and its Redemption Hong Kong Theatre, Clement House   at London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)  
5/1/15 Josh Blumenstock  Promises and Pitfalls of Mobile Money in Afghanistan: Evidence from a Randomized Control Trial ICTD Singapore May 15 2015   
3/14/15 Smoki Musaraj A Postcolonial Invention or A Battle for a New Market?: Pushing Mobile Money at the Margins of Europe  American Ethnological Society, San Diego  
3/14/15 Mrinalini Tankha Palimpsests of Money and Currency Exchange in Cuba  American Ethnological Society, San Diego  
3/14/15 Ursula Dalinghaus When Cash is the Tie That Binds: On the Materiality of Banknotes in the Euro-zone Debt Crisis  American Ethnological Society, San Diego  
3/14/15 Ivan Small Mobile Monies and Imaginaries: Remittance Histories, Hopes and Hypotheticals in Sai-gon/Ho Chi Minh City  American Ethnological Society, San Diego  
3/14/15 Sibel Kusimba Idioms of Practice around Mobile Money in a Coming of Age Ritual in Western Kenya  American Ethnological Society, San Diego  
3/9/15 Nithya Joseph And Our Ears Have Been Empty Since Then: Gold Ownership, Gender, and Work Vulnerability in a South Indian   Silk-reeling Hub Conference: AJEI 2015 workshop   on Gender: Politics, Labour, Law, Development , Associ-ation Jeunes Etudes   Indiennes and Benaras Hindu University, Benaras Hindu University, Varanasi,   India  
3/4/15 Bill Maurer Media of Exchange A Symposium on Cryptographic Currencies at New York University  
12/11/14 Nithya Joseph And Our Ears Have Been Empty Since Then: Gold Ownership, Gender, and Work Vulnerability in a South Indian   Silk-reeling Hub Women, Labour and Livelihoods Workshop, Tata Institute for Social Sciences, Mumbai, India  
12/8/14 Dharmendra Sharma Industry Challenges and Policy Barriers in Adoption of Mobile Value Added Services in Remote Islands Australian Information Systems   Conference - ACIS 2014 in New Zealand  
12/6/14 Smoki Musaraj Materialities and Socialities of Speculation: An Anthropology of Construction and Real Estate in Postsocialist  Albania American Anthropological Association, Washington D.C.   
12/4/14 Caroline Schuster Riding Paraguay’s Credit   Bicycle: Financial Movement, Cyclicality, and Pedaling Debt on Metaphors of Economic Life: Fluids, Ghosts, Food and Other Financial Bodies” American Anthropological Association, Washington D.C.   
12/4/14 Mrinalini Tankha La Bolita: Money and Medi(t)ated Speculation in Havana’s Informal Economy" American Anthropological Association, Washington D.C.   
12/4/14 Smoki Musaraj “Fiks Fare (Right On)!, an Ambivalent Whistleblower: Cynical Parody and Investigative Journalism As a Powerful Anti-Corruption Discourse in Albania” American Anthropological Association, Washington D.C.   
11/12/14 Ndunge Kiiti The Use of Mobile Money Services and Platforms among Vulnerable Populations in Kenya UNCTAD Single-year Expert   Meeting on the Impact of Access to Financial Services, Includ-ing by   Highlighting Remittances on Development: Economic Empowerment of Women and   Youth Geneva, Switzerland.  
11/6/14 Tiar Shantiuli Banking with the patron: a case study of patron-client relations in Makassasr, Indonesia 3rd International Conference on  Entrepreneurship and Business Management (ICEBM) in Penang, Malaysia  
10/13/2014 Smoki Musaraj Incongruent Translations: Measuring Informality and Corruption in Postsocialist Albania Global Studies Seminars. Denison   University, Granville, Ohio  
10/9/14 Bill Maurer Stumbling into payments Money as Communication conference, USC  
9/27/14 Bill Maurer Owning payment Digital Cash! conference, UCLA  
9/17/14 Bill Maurer Unto a stranger thou mayest...?'   The interest in interest, from Deuteronomy to the Dow Jones Islamic Market   Indices UC Irvine School of Law, Comparative Perspectives on Jewish and Islamic  Law conference  
9/10/14 Erwin Alampay and Charlie   Cabotaje Using Mobile Money as a   Conditional Cash Transfer Conduit
    in the Philippines
CPR (Communication Policy Research) South2014 in Cape Town, South Africa  
8/21/14 Bill Maurer Is There a Public Interest in Payment? Bitcoin and Beyond University of Pretoria, Money in the Making of World Society conference  
8/14/14 Bill Maurer Is There a Public Interest in Payment? Bitcoin and Beyond UC Center in Sacramento  
7/16/14 Mani Nandhi Financial Inclusion of Urban Poor Migrants: Mirage or Myth – A Reality Check 2014 International Association for the Economic of Participation (IAFEP) conference   
7/10/14 Isabelle Guérin and Magdalena   Villareal Carola and Saraswathi: Juggling wealth in India and in Mexico SASE (Society for the   Advancement of Socio-Economics) Mini-Conferences/Domesticizing Financial Economies: Knitting Fibers of Transaction, Algorithm, and Exchange, July 10-12, 2014  
6/25/14 Milind Sathye Determinants of Accepting Mobile Value Added Services by Women Micro Entrepreneurs in Fiji   International Workshop of   Information Technology and Internet Finance , PACIS 2014.  
6/1/14 Bridget Kustin Economic Anthropology after 1989: Rationality, Risk, and Uncertainty 18th Berlin Roundtables on  Transnationality: After the Change: 1989 and the Consequences in the Sciences  
5/9/14 Caroline Schuster Work-cycle, Debt-cycle: Cyclicality and Periodization of Obligation in Paraguayan Microfinance  Society for Cultural  Anthropology (SCA) Biennial Meeting, 2014  
4/17/14 Ivan V. Small Capitalist Samplers and Remittance Teasers: Diaspora, Desire, and Difference in Saigon, Vietnam "Circuits of Love",  Association of Asian American Studies conference San Francisco  
4/3/14 Ivan V. Small Anticipating a Market: Consuming Driving and Driving Consumption in Southeast Asia  Department of  Anthropology, University of California, Irvine  
3/24/14 Eric Osei - Assibey What Drives Behavioral Intention of Mobile Money Adoption? The Case of Ancient S ICTBM-14 Dubai  
3/22/14 Nithya Joseph The politics of producing silk, owning gold, and interacting with the state in a South Indian town Association of Indian Labour Historians and the VV Giri National Labour Institute, New Delhi, India  
3/21/14 Bill Maurer Panel presentation at the conference, MoneyLab: Institute of Network Cultures, University of Amsterdam,  
3/19/14 Bill Maurer Making Money Mobile: An Anthropologist Rides the Payments Rails University College London:  
3/17/14 Bill Maurer Closed Loops and Private   Gateways: Money, Technology and the Public Interest in Payment” London School of Economics: Social Anthropology Seminars 2013-2014  
3/13/14 Bill Maurer Giving the keynote lecture for  the conference, Fiscal State and Social Citizenship II. Theorizing tax   avoidance from socio-cultural perspectives, Linköping University, Sweden  
3/1/14 Bridget Kustin After the 1971 War: Islam,  Secularism, and the Creation of Idealized Bangladeshi Development Subjects Conference-Workshop: Global War   Centenary 1914-2014, Lahore University of Management Sciences, Pakistan  
2/26/14 Stephen Rea The origins of the financial  inclusion agenda and mobile money and IMTFI" University of California, Irvine - Session in Economic Anthropology  
2/19/14 Cyril Fouillet Beyond boarders. Perspectives on financial inclusion spatial dynamics Lecture at the Indian Institute of Management-Kozhikode, Kozhikode  
2/11/14 Nithya Joseph But without advances no one will come: The role of debt in labour contracts in a South Indian silk-reeling   hub. Association Jeunes Etudes Indiennes and Centre for Informal Sector and Labour Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru   University  
2/11/14 Kevin Donovan Infrastructuring Poverty Alleviation: Cash Transfers, Ethical Regimes, and Technopolitics "Mapping Science and Technology in Africa"  Conference   in Johannesburg   





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