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1/31/17     In press

Dzokoto, V., Asante, R., & Aggrey, J. K.   Money That Isn't: A Qualitative Examination of the Adoption of the 1 Pesewa Coin and Biometric Payment Cards in Ghana. Ghana Studies, 19 (1). Pp. 3-34


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12/1/16 Oludayo Tade and Oluwatosin Adeniyi   On the Limits of Trust: Characterising Automated Teller Machine Fraudsters in Southwest Nigeria. Journal of Financial Crime Vol. 23 No. 4, 2016 pp. 1112-1125
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7/01/16 Magdalena Villareal, Lya Niño   "Financial Practices on 'the Borderlands'(La Línea) in Times of Crisis" in Human Organization, by SfAA, Society for Applied Anthropology
2/06/16 Mesfin F. Woldmariam, Gheorghita Ghinea, Solomon Atnafu & Tor-Morten Groenli   "Monetary Practices of Traditional Rural Communities in Ethiopia: Implications for New Financial Technology Design", Human-Computer Interaction
1/1/16 Tankha, Mrinalini    "The Mobile Money Experience in Sub-Saharan Africa". The African Technopolitan, African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS). Volume 5, January 2016.
6/1/16 Kusimba, Sibel   "Hearthholds of Mobile Money in Western Kenya", Economic Anthropology, Vol 3, Issue 2, June 2016
5/1/16 Ursula Dalinghaus, IMTFI   "Trust and Money: It's Complicated" - New IMTFI Synthesis
7/26/16 Alampay, Erwin   

"M-money as Conduit for Conditional Cash Transfers in the Philippines," ITID
Information Technologies & International Development – Vol 12 Issue 2 Summer 2016. 

11/27/15 Blumenstock J, Cadamuro G, On R  

Predicting poverty and wealth from mobile phone metadata. Science. 2015 Nov 27;350(6264):1073-6.

11/1/15 Kusimba, S. B., Y. Yang, and N. Chawla   Family Networks of Mobile Money in Kenya, Information Technology in International Development 11(3):1-21.
11/23/15  Gianluca Iazzolino   Following Mobile Money in Somaliland. Rift Valley Institute (RVI), Research Paper 4, 2015
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10/1/15 Caroline E. Schuster    X Social Collateral ; Women and Microfinance in Paraguay’s Smuggling Economy. UC Press. 
10/1/15 Bridget Kustin   Islamic (Micro)finance: Culture,  Context, Promise, Challenges Report. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Financial Services for the Poor, August 2015.
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9/1/15 Bruno Yawe   "Innovation and financial inclusion: A review of the literature." Journal of Payment Strategies and Systems, Volume 9, Number 3, Autumn/Fall, 2015, pp. 215-228(14).
8/1/15 Syed Aiman Raza   Network linkages and money  management: an anthropological purview of the Beesi network amongst the urban poor Muslims in old city area of Lucknow, India. International Journal of  Business and Globalisation. Vol. 14, No. 4, 2015.
7/21/15 Anke Schwittay   "Scaling inclusive digital innovation successfully: the case of crowdfunding social enterprises",   Innovation and Development 1-15. 21-July-2015. 
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5/1/15 Nidal Rashid Sabri   Managing of Treasury in the   Banking System within a Multi Currency Economy: Evidence from Palestine Int. J. of Business and Emerging Markets,   2015 Vol.7, No.1, pp.25 - 36.
4/1/15 Janaki Srinivasan, Jenna Burrell   "On the Importance of Price   Information to Fishers and to Economists: Revisiting Mobile Phone Use Among   Fishers in Kerala," ITID. Vol 11, Issue 1 Spring 2015. 
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3/1/15 Kenneth Omeje    X The Crises of Postcoloniality in Africa. CODESRIA, 2015.
3/1/15 Yaw Owusu-Agyeman, Abena Offe   Placing Retailers as Agents of   Change in the Transformation of Mobile Payment Transactions in Ghana, ARPN   Journal of Science and Technology, Vol. 5, No.3, March 2015.
12/1/14 Sathye, Milind   "Industry Challenges and   Policy Barriers in Adoption of Mobile Value Added Services in Remote   Islands", ACIS Conference paper.
9/1/14 Anke Schwittay    X New Media and International  Development Representation and affect in microfinance, Routledge.
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5/1/14 Joshua E. Blumenstock   Promises and Pitfalls of Mobile  Money in Afghanistan: Evidence from a Randomized Control Trial, Harvard  Evidence for Policy Design.
3/1/14 Mani Nandhi    X  The Urban Poor & Their Money: A Study of Cycle Rickshaw Pullers in Delhi, Pinnacle Learning, 2014.
3/1/14 Bridget Kustin   "Ethnographic approaches to   understanding client versus institutional priorities for Islamic microfinance  in Bangladesh.” In Islamic Finance and Development, Ed. Nazim Ali. Cambridge, MA: Harvard Law School. 2014.



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