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IMTFI has a new powerful search engine that can search and sort ALL funded projects beginning with 2009. You can search on ANY keyword or tags such as Subject, Title, Region, Year, Country, Researcher Name, etc., We welcome your feedback at


Research Summaries by Year

1. Funded Research 2015-2016, Projects from Year 7

2. Funded Research 2014-2015, Projects from Year 6

3. Funded Research 2013-2014, Projects from Year 5

4. Funded Research 2012-2013, Projects from Year 4

5. Funded Research 2011-2012, Projects from Year 3

6. Funded Research 2010-2011, Projects from Year 2

7. Funded Research 2009-2010, Projects from Year 1

IMTFI supports researchers working in the developing world on issues of money, technology, and financial inclusion. Each year IMTFI researchers from around the world come to Irvine, California to share their findings and build new partnerships and collaborations.

To date IMTFI has supported over 147 projects in 44 countries. This includes more than 187 researchers, more than 70% who are from the developing world. IMTFI is building and developing a global community and network of scholarship and practice broadly focused on questions of money and technology, and welcomes academics, policymakers, development practitioners, industry designers, and other interested researchers and advocates to join the discussion.


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