1. Money, conflict, and reciprocity in rural families in Zambia: The case of female university students, by Robert Tembo
  2. The impact of new technologies on social payments (case study in Ethiopia), by Woldmariam Mesfin Fikre
  3. Unknown remittances of the migrants who have died abroad: A study on the recovery and dynamics of usage remittances in Bangladesh, by AKM Ahsan Ullah
  4. Small ruminants as a source of financial security: A case study of rural women in Southwest Nigeria, by Isaac B. Oluwatayo and Titilayo Busayo Oluwatayo
  5. Evaluation of money management strategies between the urban and rural ultra poor: A study in Tamil Nadu, India, by Lakshmi Kumar
  6. Adapting and extending the use of accumulating savings and credit associations through village savings and loans association: The case of Care International in Malawi, by Chinyamata Chipeta
  7. A study to understand the savings pattern and credit needs of the tribal families of Maharashtra and Gujarat State of India, by Veena Halwe
  8. Post-redenomination and money managment among Ghana's urban poor, by Edwin Clifford Mensah and Vivian Dzokoto
  9. Gender and money: Case studies from Philippine indigenous communities, by Mary Janet M. Arnado
  10. Financial inclusion in Sri Lanka: Constraints and prospects, by Sirimevan S.S. Colombage
  11. Banking and Microfinance in Brazil, by Kurt von Mettenheim, Lauro Gonzalez, and Eduard Diniz
  12. Moni, marginality, and modernization in postcolonial Papua New Guinea, by Eric K. Silverman
  13. Consumption smoothening, financial literacy and old age vulnerability: Experiences of success and failure with a private pension system in Chile, by Aldo Madariaga, Nicolas Perez, and Rodrigo Figueroa
  14. Follow the Bean: Navigating value exchange and vulnerability for cooperative coffee farmers and their stakeholders, by Melissa Cliver, Catherine Howard, and Rudy Yuly
  15. Mobiles, migrants, and money: A study of mobility at the Haitian-Dominican Republic border, by Heather Horst, Erin Taylor, and Espelencia Baptiste
  16. Banking on the phone: Using novel sources of data to understand the impact of mobile banking in Rwanda, by Joshua Blumenstock
  17. Financial inclusion or developmental exclusion? The carbon credit payment to forest inhabitants in Brazilian Amazon, by Shaozeng Zhang
  18. Emerging Mobile Money Practices in Afghanistan, by Jan Chipchase and Panthea Lee


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