1. Network linkages and money management: an anthropological purview of the Beesi network amongst the urban poor Muslims in old city area of Lucknow, India by Syed Aiman Raza

  2. Borrowing from the Gods: Oracular Deities as Traditional Sources of Credit among the Igbo of Nigeria, by Kenneth Omeje  

  3. Making Good Money: Microcredit, Commercial Financing, and Social Regulation in Paraguay’s Tri-Border Area, by Caroline Schuster

  4. The Impact of New Technology on the Use of Money as a Means of Spending, Saving and Storing by the Poor, by Sirimevan S.S. Colombage  

  5. E-money for Enhancing Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) at Bottom of the Pyramid: A Case Study for m-Banking in Kenya, by Francis Wambalaba, Akosa Wambalaba, and Philip Machoka

  6. Vcherashnie Nomads and Modern Money, by Svetlana Tyuhteneva  

  7. Local Money Systems: Financial Inclusion and Reduction of Poverty, by Marco Crocco Afonso and Fabiana Santos. 

  8. Managing risks: what poor households in Yogyakarta do to smooth their consumption? by Catur Sugiyanto, Sri Yani Kusumastuti, and Duddy Donna

  9. A study on m-finance and consumption smoothening among the poor with irregular income streams, by Harsha de Silva

  10. Cubanos Convertibles: Meanings of Multiple Currencies in Cuba, by Mrinalini Tankha

  11. A Study of Money and Financial Services and the Impact of ICTs Among Poor Communities in Developing Countries: The Case of Botswana, by Beatrice Magembe and Alice Shemi

  12.  Analysis of Financial Practices Among Families in Two Cities Indigenous to the Highlands of Chiapas, Mexico by Maria Eugenia Santana and Magdalena Villarreal

  13.  The Urban Poor and their Money: Rickshaw Pullers in Delhi, by Mani A. Nandhi

  14.  Tabula Rasa? Conceptions of Microfinance in Juba, Sudan by Crystal Murphy Morgan

  15.  ‘Democratizing Capital:’ Digital Lending Networks, Mobile Technologies and Women’s Solidarity Groups in Chiapas, Mexico and Guatemala, by Anke Schwittay and Paul Braund

  16.  Follow the Bean: Navigating Value Exchange and Vulnerability with Farmers and their Stakeholders, by Melissa Cliver

  17.  Forms of Money: An inquiry into the processes of use and adaptation among the Konda Reddis of south India, by Thanuja Mummidi



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