1. Beyond the Failed State: Capital Mobilization, Investment and Entrepreneurship Among Somali Refugees in Nairobi, Kenya by Kenneth Omeje and John Mwangi
  2. Do Tobacco Growers Need Financial Inclusion? An Analysis into the Monetary Problems and Prospects Enshrouding Farmers Harvesting Tobacco in Basti District, Uttar Pradesh, India by Syed Aiman Raza
  3. Money Management and Mechanism in Palestinian Economy in Multi-Currencies Context by Nidal Rashid Sabri, Diama Abu Laban and Deema Waleed Haniya
  4. Impact of EKO's SimpliBank on the Saving Behaviour and Practices of Low Income Users: The Indian Experience by Mani Arul Nandhi
  5. Untouchable Wealth: The Moral Exchange of New Wealth among Women in an Urban Nepali Untouchable-Caste Community by Sepideh Bajracharya
  6. Does Mobile Money Matter? Exploring Mobile Money Adoption by Ghana's Urban Poor by Vivian Dzokoto and Edwin Mensah
  7. Mobile Phone Cash In Cash Out Service in a Frontier Area: The Dynamics of New Money Technology and Embedded Systems of Money Relationships by Jose L. Estuar
  8. Tell Me How You Earn and Spend Money - And I Will Tell You Who You Are by Svetlana Tyukhteneva
  9. Differences Between Fee Structure of Mobile Money Technologies and Traditional Banking Systems, Social Psychological Determinants and Service Uptake: A Case Study of Uganda by Bruno Yawe and Tinah Nassali
  10. Does Microloan Repayment via Cell Phone Increase Client Confidence in Mobile Value Storage? The Case of Green Bank in Mindanao, Philippines by Anatoly Gusto and Felicidad Justiniana
  11. The Financial Ecologies and Circuits of Commerce of Retail Credit Cards in Santiago de Chile by Jose Ossandon Valdes, Tomas Ariztia, Macarena Barros and Filipe Gonzalez
  12. Mobile Money Services and Entrepreneurial Development in Rural Communities: The Case of the Agricultural Kikuyu and Pastoral Maasai Communities in Kenya by Karatu Kiemo and Barbara Leseni
  13. Impact of Mobile Money Services on Microfinance Institutions by Casey Conzett, Patricia Pulido, Maricruz LaCalle and Javier Gil
  14. Best Practices in Mobile Microfinance by Fatima Yousif, Elizabeth Berthe, and Olga Morawczynski
  15. Mobile Money Services and Poverty Reduction: A Study of 21 Women's Groups in the Rural Region of Eastern Kenya by Ndunge Kiiti, Jane Mutinda and Philomena Muiruri
  16. An Assessment of Adoption and Use of Mobile Money Services in East Africa: Case Studies from Uganda and Tanzania by Batilda Moshy and Paul Mukwaya
  17. Material Cultures of Financial Literacy Among Rural and Urban Poor in Orissa, India by Katherine Martineau, Pradeep Baisakh and Nishita Trisal
  18. Deteriminants of the Demand for Micro-saving Programs in Uruguay: Motivation and Resistance to Join C3U by Magdelena Ramada-Sarasola, Henk van Arkel and Eduardo Tarragó
  19. Exploring Use of Mobile Banking Services by the Poor: Case of Wizzit Bank in South Africa by Mildred Makore
  20. Value Systems in China: A User-Centered Approach to Designing Inclusive Second-Generation Banking by Panthea Lee and Zach Brisson



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